8 - Calle Nani


Calle Nani - Home to Angela Tosello, Casanova's first love


Leaving the Corte Duca Sforza, back the way you came, take a left and then the first right back down Calle dei Orbe. Opposite number 3091A, look for the narrow street on the right called Calle Nani (the sign is on the right hand side of the street).

One of the houses on this street was home to Father Tosello's 17 year old niece, Angela Tosello, Casanova's first love. 

I fell ever more deeply in love with Angela, who was quiet consistent that I should love her but possessed the virtue of a dragon and stubbornly refused to grant me even the highest favour. She wanted me to leave the church and marry her. I could not bring myself to do this, but continued to pursue her, hoping to make her change her mind.
— Casanova - The Story Of My Life (Volume I)

Casanova would pursue her for the next year, however she remained resistant to the advances of the 15 year old trainee priest, insisting he gave up priesthood first, to which he refused. This frustration would lead to him growing close to her best friends, sisters Nanetta and Marta Savorgnan, whom he would recruit as matchmakers championing his cause.

This was to prove a fateful love, and the cause of two other loves, which were the causes of many other causes which in the end led me to renounce the status of cleric.
— Casanova - The Story Of My Life (Volume I)

Those causes are best described at our next stop...  



You can actually stay at an apartment on this street, named after Casanova with period furnishings